We’re in this Together! Tips for Staying in.


During this difficult time of honoring the CDC guidelines for COVID-19, we thought we’d share some tips on staying healthy while at home.

  1. As our real estate and business coach Tom Ferry says, take your MEDS.

    MEDS stand for:

    M – Meditate/Pray
    Take time to breath, slow your mind, and be still. Try it for 5-20 minutes. Have you experienced the Calm app? They have a wide variety of guided meditations. The Chopra Center teaches a Basics of Meditation online class. The Honest Guys also share free meditations on YouTube.

    E – Exercise
    Movement creates power and confidence. So many studios etc. have offered their classes online. My boss Marti and her son Garrett have been doing the CorePower yoga classes at home. If yoga is not your jam, here are 25+ more classes online. You can also keep your social distancing by going for a quick walk or run.

    D – Diet
    Keep eating healthy and eating for energy. It can be easy to pick chips or other unhealthy snacks while at home. Don’t let the “Corona 15” sneak up on you. Pick whole foods, fruits and veggies if you can. The New York Post has an article on How to not gain weight during the Coronavirus lockdown.

    S – Sleep
    Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night so that your mind gets washed of toxins.

  2. Support local restaurants by ordering to-go or buying gift cards. Here is a list of San Diego restaurants offering take-out or delivery.
  3. Now is a perfect time for spring cleaning and getting items together to donate.
  4. Catch up on your movie and book list.
  5. Take an online learning class. Udemy or the Khan Academy offer a wide variety to choose from.
  6. Join and set-up virtual gatherings or get-togethers via ZoomFacetime or Skype. Sharing your smile will brighten someone’s day!

Remember, we’re here for you and if you need anything, please let us know!