The Market is Hot!


Prices are still strong, inventory is still tight and interest rates are still low. It’s a great time to list your house or to lock in a good mortgage rate with a new home purchase. At the end of May, I went to a real estate event hosted by Craig Sewing and our coach Tom Ferry. I heard economist Alan Nevin speak about his predictions for the upcoming condition of the San Diego real estate market. He stated that we have yet to fully recover from the great recession, and supply is still below the demand in San Diego. Thus, commanding the prices we are seeing now, and he’s not expecting it to change much. If you’re a buyer and waiting for prices to fall, he said don’t wait. Buy now! If you’re looking to sell, I’m happy to help too. With my background, I take great pride in marketing your home and I’m part of a full service team that can help you along every step. Call met with any questions! 650.922.9255